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My family is my inspiration for everything that I do. We’ve been broke, we’ve been tired, we’ve been scared, but we’ve stayed together. This opportunity has allowed us to do something together, to have financial freedom, and to have a purpose and a passion that is bigger than our fears.


Drew Brees

New Orleans

Jason Witten

Dallas Tight End

Rich Froning

4-Time Reebok® CrossFit® Games Champion

Monica Abbott

World Champion Pitcher

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#6 AdvoCare Ford Fusion


AdvoCare & MLS, AdvoCare & FC Dallas


AdvoCare Classic, AdvoCare Texas Bowl, AdvoCare Texas Kickoff


AdvoCare Invitational

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“I love to help people reach their goals because it gives me a sense of purpose.”

“I never thought I would be a stay-at-home mom but it has been my greatest adventure! Sometime the most challenging, but always the most fulfilling.”

“Living a life style that brings health and happiness is not only for me, but for my family. Its the legacy that I want to give Luna”

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