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Have your Carbs…and Eat them Too!

CARBS! A word that invokes both pleasure and pain in a woman’s mind! So many delicious things, but we’ve been told over and over DON’T EAT CARBS!! They will make you fat, and ugly, and then you will diiiieeeee! Ok, definitely an exaggeration, but it’s not too far off....

Take Care of Yourself to be a Healthy, Happy Mom

Taking care of ourselves should be towards the top of the priority list because it allows us to have more energy and a much better outlook on all of our other tasks at hand. Believe me my daughter prefers me as the calm, empathetic, cared for mom rather than the cranky, emotional, uncared for version!

My Story

That little girl changed my whole world, nothing else mattered, nothing else existed when I took her home, and as the time went by and my maternity leave was drawing to a close, I felt panic. She was so little, and so dependent on me, I couldn’t take her to a daycare with so many other kids, I couldn’t leave her with a stranger even in my own home, what was I going to do?