Sharing is Caring!

I’ve always been scared to not be financially secure. Neither of my parents are very good with money and it created a lot of turmoil in my life; divorce, moves, bankruptcies. When I went to college it was with the sole purpose to find a career where I would always have a job, and make enough money to support myself comfortably. Never mind my dreams, passions, personality. I succeeded at this goal by getting a degree in accounting and a job right out of school in healthcare finance. Death and taxes, right?

20160209_124452_001I worked for 13 years climbing the corporate ladder and was very successful. I was good at my job and even though it wasn’t very fulfilling, I still enjoyed it because I was good at it, and that was enough for me to be satisfied. I have always believed in balance so the rest of my life was full of family, friends, travel, pets. Meeting my husband was the icing on the cake! Our love story brings tears to my eyes even now, SWOON. I’ll have to share more about that in a future blog, but we met in our early thirties and spent several years floating in our dating and newlywed bliss until friends and family reminded us that we were getting old and should think about having children. Gotta love the brutal honesty of people that love you! And although I definitely did NOT consider myself old I also thought they might be right since I didn’t want to make having a baby any harder than it already is! It took us two pregnancies to get a baby, and I was basically pregnant for 15 months, what am I a killer whale?? Well…my husband would say almost…killer wife?? No comment on the whale part. BTW, did you know that chipmunks are only pregnant for 31 days? That would be amazing! But only for the second child, for the first, you need months of preparation for all of the stuff that you don’t end up needing… Anyway, back to the topic at hand!

I was very dedicated to my job; I was two weeks late with Luna, and worked until the day before I had her. I had no plans on being a stay-at-home mom; I wasn’t even committed to taking my full 12 weeks of maternity leave. I was offered a promotion that I was going to step into when I went back to work, and I was excited! And then I had Luna, oh man, I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life. More teary eyes…my love for her is something that I can’t even put words to. I’m not a very emotional person, I don’t let many people in, and lack of empathy is probably my biggest weakness. But that little girl changed my whole world, nothing else mattered, nothing else existed when I took her home, and as the time went by and my maternity leave was drawing to a close, I felt panic. She was so little, and so dependent on me, I couldn’t take her to a daycare with so many other kids, I couldn’t leave her with a stranger even in my own home, what was I going to do? Now mind you I was still very hormonal, and I know logically that millions of babies are left with daycares and nannies and are healthy and happy! In my panic I somehow convinced my best friend to quit her job and become my nanny and I went back to work. For nine long months I tried, but I would go in late to stay with her a little longer, I would go home on lunch just to hold her, I would leave early just so I could feed her dinner and smell her intoxicating baby smell! And I felt like a failure both at work and at home, I knew I wasn’t doing my best at work, I had even asked for a demotion to try to bridge the gap, but it just wasn’t enough, and I felt like Luna needed me at home, she was happiest with me.

Eventually my company and I parted on not so good terms and I wish I’d had the guts, the help, the support, to just quit when I knew I couldn’t do it. I even sometimes wish that I had been able to go back to work; I have lots of friends that still love their jobs and love their babies, and have found a balance that works for them! But it didn’t work for me, I’m very much an all or nothing girl, and I wanted my all to belong to my family, really at first it was just Luna, husband who?? But now that I’ve come out of my baby haze I include him too! After losing my six-figure income there was more panic! I was much happier, but living off of your savings is not ideal! I reached out to one of my friends, I knew that her and her husband were both stay-at-home parents and seemed to be financially secure. She introduced me to the AdvoCare opportunity and even though I was skeptical at first, it all seemed too good to be true, after doing my research and watching our bank account slowly dwindle, I jumped ALL IN and am not looking back! I feel so blessed to be able to be the parent I want to be and help support my family that I had to find a way to help as many parents as I can achieve the same dreams and goals, and so LunaFit was born. If you have any of the same feelings that I had, or your own reasons for wanting to be a stay-at-home parent, I can help you. I can be your help and support to help you overcome your fears and just go for it! You can live the life you’ve always imagined just like I am.