Sharing is Caring!

As moms we tend to push it to the limits. Whether we’re working full time outside the home, or as stay-at-home moms, we are always moving, doing, helping, etc. We put ourselves on the back burner and prioritize our to-do list with our kids, partner, work, household, even pets at the top! BURN baby BURN leads to serious BURN out!!! With my clients I’m always stressing the need for fuel, whether it comes to eating, exercise, or our emotional tank, we need FUEL! If we don’t take time to fill our tank with food, movement, and doing things we enjoy, we find ourselves running on empty which equals tired, cranky, and ineffective. Taking care of ourselves should be towards the top of the priority list because it allows us to have more energy and a much better outlook on all of our other tasks at hand. Believe me my daughter prefers me as the calm, empathetic, cared for mom rather than the cranky, emotional, uncared for version!

How do we do this though? I don’t know about you, but many days I can’t find time for a shower, much less reading a book or doing yoga! What I learned through much trial and error is that balance is the key to everything, some days I get 5 minutes to myself and others a couple hours, but I enjoy them the same. And to keep my balance I focus on taking care of myself body, mind, and spirit. All areas are important to recharge our batteries and be healthier, happier moms!

Taking care of your body and filling your fuel tank doesn’t mean taking hours every day to exercise and eat perfectly crafted, organic pinterest meals!

Some days you might be able to accomplish those things, but other days settling for 10 minutes of sunshine on a walk or while watching your littles play can give you the boost you need. I break this down into the basics and the extras. The basics: sleep 6 – 8 hours (for those of you with babies hang in there, this dream will come true again one day), eat every 3 – 4 hours (no excuses!), drink WATER and aim for your bodyweight in ounces (coffee and wine are delicious, but both dehydrators). The extras: exercise, you don’t need hours in the gym, there are tons of 20 minute HIIT workouts that can fit into nap time; sunlight, that vitamin D does magical things for your body and your soul! We only get one body and the way you treat it now will have huge impacts down the road, the good news is that the body is forgetful and if you make healthy changes the damage can be stopped and even reversed!

Our bodies are amazing, but without the mind totally useless! “Your body hears everything your mind says”. One of the major things for me was just getting out of my pj’s, brushing my hair, and putting a little makeup on. It seems so small, but the day would feel totally different for me if I didn’t at least do these things, a shower was life changing! And to be honest, after my daughter is dressed she watches TV (gasp) while I get ready for the day. Yes, I could get up before her and do these things, but this mama loves her sleep and this is what works for us! Start the day on the right foot and take care of the basics! Our minds tend to be in low gear when we’re at home reading children’s books, watching paw patrol, doing laundry, and answering 10,000 WHY questions but it’s important to remember that we are intelligent women! Do something that you enjoy and that uses your brain as often as possible. Read the paper or a book with more than 10 pages, surf the internet, have an adult convo with a friend, journal, whatever it is that will fuel your mind!

“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul”.

I love this quote because it made it so obvious to me how to fuel my spirit, and allows me to follow my natural tendency to put others before myself. Fueling your spirit is doing things that are joyful and happy. Go on a date with your husband, yeah that guy you see once in awhile, it’s so important to remember that when our kids grow up and leave, he’s the only one that’s sticking around. Your relationship is important not only for your own needs, but for your children too! Help a friend in need, this could mean cooking a meal, watching their kids, or just a GNO with a glass of wine to maintain sanity! Have family time, make your kids smile and laugh, it is the true music of a moms soul. Just remember the only way to have the energy to do these things is to take care of your own body and mind first so you have something to give!

It may not be easy to put yourself first sometimes, but it is important, and not only will you reap the rewards, but your family and friends will too.

Now comes the tough love, this is something that you HAVE to do, it’s not when my kids get older, when this project is done, when I have more time, it will never be the perfect time, you just have to DO IT. The martyrdom that seems to be synonymous with motherhood these days isn’t something that I want my little one learning, and they are WATCHING us, all the time, and they want to be like us. Take care of yourself so that you are someone you would want them to be.

This may require that you ask for help, oh no, the H word!

Yes help, it doesn’t make you any less of an extraordinary woman to ask for help. Ask your husband, grandma, sister, if they’re able, all of these people will be more than willing to spend time with the kids and give you a quick break. If family isn’t an option, consider making a deal with a friend, we have friends that we trade date nights with and it’s been such a blessing for all of us! Remember that no one knows how you feel and what’s in your heart and mind except for you. People aren’t mind readers including your husband or partner, ask for what you need!

Above all else, give yourself grace.

If you are running on empty and you lose your temper, it’s ok. If your little one watches an hour of television so you can shower, it’s ok. If your husband worked all day and you tell him you need 30 minutes when he gets home, it’s ok! If you begin making these small changes, you will be amazed at how much better your energy and attitude are and you will be a healthier, happier mom, wife, and friend for all your efforts!

What do you do to take care of yourself as a mom? Or what are you going to start doing?!? Let me know in the comments or join our FB community and share!

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